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What do I wear?

I am happy to go over what clothing/dress attire would be best for your session! I love helping clients pick out outfits, colors and accessories for their session. Above all, you be you because you are perfect just the way you are!


What do I bring?

It really depends on what you are going for but you are welcome to bring props, blankets, toys to distract/entertain children, scooters, wagons, blankets, dog treats (for dogs only of course), or something that is special to you or the ones I will be photographing. 


Can I print my own photos?

Absolutely! You will be given personal printing rights to download and print images as you please. Faliesha Dawne Photography offers professional lab printing of images a la carte through your online gallery. Clients may choose to print from outside labs, but I cannot guarantee the quality of images printed outside of my lab. No editing or extra filters are allowed to be applied to the images you are given.


What if my kids/pets are hard to get to pose/sit still?

No problem! I am very good with kids (as I will forever be one myself) and I understand that no one is perfect and getting your picture taken can be a challenge at times. I have yet to photograph an animal or child that was so difficult that I was unable to get awesome photos of them, I can do it! I love a good challenge and I know we will all have fun no matter what mood someone is in, I know we will make magic together


What if I need to reschedule or cancel my session?

Compost happens! I am happy to reschedule with you for a day that works better for you if something comes up. Do know your downpayment of $25 is non refundable if you plan to cancel all together.


Do you travel?

Yes! I would LOVE to explore with you in some of your favorite spots! If you need some help picking one of my favorite spots, I am happy to share! There will be additional charges if we go more than 30 miles. Please contact me here if you would like to chat on this some more! Not sure where to go? I have a list of some of my favorite local spots, just ask! 

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