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Hiring A Photographer For Your Hobby/Craft/Business | Eugene Commercial Photographer |

Let’s start off by saying how I LOVE a good photography challenge! Going to your place of work or location of creation and photographing your craft, hobby or whatever it is that you are wanting to showcase to the world is not only an incredibly fun challenge but it is SO rewarding to support local businesses and help peoples businesses grow. #supportlocalartists

I believe that we should all lift each other up in some way or another and when I do my commercial shoots the support goes both ways! Artists helping artists! Community supporting community! I just love it! They energy is always a 10/10 with me during these shoots as I move around and take creative angles of your products/people/items. I spend time really thinking about what the audience for your art would want to see and what would catch their eye and what makes you so special and unique, because that is EXACTLY what you are!!!

Now it is time to talk about the WHY behind hiring a professional photographer for your image. Sure, phones these days come with incredible cameras built into them and yeah, you can take pictures with it and post it or add it to your website but more times than not, it is never the quality or care nor does it have the creative angles as a really nice camera and artistic eye/artist can capture… I would say never but that is not a word I like to use. I believe if you want people to invest in your products, you need to invest in your image and what people see. There is a lot of science behind the WHY for hiring a professional to come take images/video of your products and the success behind it.

EXPERIMENT: Go on a few social media accounts or websites and see if you are drawn to the clearly professionally taken images or the images taken by phone (need help finding some? Go visit my IG account FDlifestyle_photography or visit my Commercial images here on my website to see what I am talking about!) See what you would rather purchase or go visit or what you would want to invest in! #eugenephotographer #eugenephotography

So wether you are a brewer, a chef, a jewelry maker, an artist, a dancer, a musician or an inspiring model, you can count on me to help you SHINE!!!! Together, we will make MAGIC!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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