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Goddess/Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Energy Photoshoots | Eugene Goddess Photographer |

Are you interested in tuning into the energy that lies within you and express it in ways that are full of movement, nature and self power? Are you looking to be captured in ways that are not only artistic but full of emotion and color? Are you ready to adventure to a few of my hidden favorite spots in the PNW to highlight the warrior/goddess/masculine energy/feminine energy that makes your soul rise up and pursue your deepest dreams? I am your gal! I love this type of photography so much because we are able to celebrate you and what makes you so special. I am here for you no matter if you are the fairy mystic type or the fashionista queen or the punk rocker, I am here to make you feel ALIVE and let you express you because you are INCREDIBLE just the way you are!

I am willing to travel for all my sessions and I know of great local spots as well as some that are father out for a more private experience. Forrest? I know em well. Waterfalls? I can take you! Ocean landscapes your thing? Let’s do it! Graffiti and rustic surroundings? I am so in! Or maybe you have a spot where you like to spend your time or that is special to you, I would love to explore it!

When you book a session of this nature with me, I let you lead the way with props, outfits, jewelry and the over all direction you want to take with the style/ backdrop of your session. I will guide you through some of my favorite posing that accentuates the human body and highlights the beauty in you all while being surrounded with the beautiful PNW. This is a sensual and captivating photography session that helps you blossom and bloom.

This type of session is so so so so empowering and full of self love. I will help you fall more in love with the person that you are by capturing you in stunning and beautiful ways. It makes for an incredible self gift or a gift for someone you love. It is typically 1-2 hours long and you get about 40-50 pictures back as well as a beautiful custom fabric cover book that will be loved and cherished for generations. This session is perfect for just you or a small group as well. Perfect for friends, family, partners etc. All ages and genders are welcome! Email me or find me on IG or FB to ask more on my goddess/divine energy photography sessions.

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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