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Photographing Children | Eugene Family Photographer |

Are your children impossible to get to smile at the camera? Is your phone slammed full of blurry, sideways photos of your kiddos with forced smiles on their faces? Are you constantly missing out on life and moments around you due to trying to capture every second behind your phone? Fear not, I am here to save you!

So many of us parents LOVE to take thousands of photos of our littles as they grow, but by doing so, we are missing out on the beautiful moments that are given to us, not to mention overloading our storage with photos that will never get printed or seen. (GUILTY!) I am here to say that it was only last year that I started investing in family photography and to be completely honest, I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner for my family. Even as a professional photographer, having someone else who is experience behind the lens, capturing moments of love and laughter while we ALL play around and be the goof balls that we are is so enjoyable and SO worth it.

“Good luck getting my kid to smile.” “She wont ever sit still for pictures.” “I do not have any good pictures of my kids, so have fun trying!”….. These are REAL quotes from REAL parents, and boy do I love sending those galleries back packed full of real smiles and incredible images to them. I am naturally really good with people, but kids in particular. I just get them. I am, and will always be a child and I LOVE it that way! With that being said, I let the kids engage, lead, play, laugh, tell jokes, blow bubbles and be goofy (with some gentle posing guidance) while I capture all the in-between moments of smiles and laughter and love all while you play with them or take a step back and embrace the incredible humans that you are raising!

I have the eye for angles, the drive to find incredible locations, the desire for natural lighting and the passion for high quality images. If you are ready to have fun, get photos that are wall art quality and images that will be cherished for generations, reach out to me via email, social media or phone. I am here for you and your family. So stop stepping away from your family to take decent photos with your phone and get engaged in the fun while you invest in a professional to take care of your photography needs. Together, we will create magic!

Shine On,

Faliesha Dawne

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