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Portrait Photography | Eugene Portrait Photographer

So many people are just using their images for their business or craft straight from their phone. Sure, it works, but what kind of message is it putting across to your potential clients? If there is one thing I have walked away with from being a business owner is that you have to learn to invest in yourself if you are wanting others to invest in you. It truly pays off to hire a professional to capture you in authentic ways that are true to you.

I just love helping others succeed with their photography needs and we always have so much fun! It makes for great cross promotion as well! I always advertise and give your company a shout out if you allow me to use your photos on my social platforms or website.

There is something really motivating too with getting your professional photos taken by a professional. I love doing anything that makes me feel good and each time I go get my photos done for promotion or business cards I feel SO good!

Another great reason for getting portrait photography is for graduations or monumental moments in your life! I am happy to capture those moments and I have some incredible spots picked out for just those occasions!

On top of doing outdoor portrait photography, I also offer a plain white or plain black back drop for your photos to keep it crisp and clean or dark and moody! I love being able to offer my clients different options and variety. We are all different and all have different style and unique tastes in photo needs so I like to be able to accommodate such requests! Do you have a fun unique idea that you are wanting to have captured? You can count me if for being open to it! I love being challenged and pushed to do new and exiting things!

Feel free to email me, find me on social media, or give me a call to chat more on your vision and to hear what I can offer you! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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