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Sweet Skins Clothing Line Shoot | Eugene Commercial Photographer |

Have you ever put a piece of clothing on and it just felt like it was made for you? Like you could just live in it no matter the occasion? Have you ever realized the power of home made clothing versus mass produced clothing with cheap, unethical fabrics that wear out within a few washes? Honestly, I have never experienced true comfort in clothes until I put on a pair of leggings made by Sweet Skins Organic Apparel. The clothing made by this local, black woman owned and operated business makes me feel like a goddess! I felt like I could sleep in her clothing, run it them, do yoga in them, go to a fancy dinner in them, feel sexy in them or even cozy up with a good book in them… all her items are so versatile and there is something for everyone and they are flattering on all body types!

Mira Fannin is a mother of four, (one of which she homeschools currently) a friend to many and is still the proud owner and designer behind these magical garments at Sweet Skins. She grew up loving fashion and sewing and doing good things for the planet, and as a young mother who needed to support her first three children, it was a no brainer when in 2004 she opened up her own line of eco friendly clothing. She started her brand by working in her garage and selling to the local Saturday Market here in Eugene, Oregon. Now her products are sold all over the world!!!

When asked what was something she was proud of with her company she responded with something beautiful. “I am so proud that I’ve created a business that is flexible and able to withstand these uncertain times. I am also proud that we’ve worked with many of the same seamstresses since the beginning of us opening, providing them with a schedule that they can create so they can put their families and personal lives first. Most of all, I am proud that we are committed to growing and creating in the most environmentally and socially responsible way.”

My experience working with Mira and her beautiful model Jackie was incredible to say the least. I came in to do some fashion photography for her website and the session was full of laughter, love, equality and light. I loved looking around and seeing giant rolls of beautiful, sustainable fabrics all around. The quiet humm of the sewing machines from the sweet seamstresses brought me back to listening to my grandmother sewing all day. It was a feeling of being at home, with family and with people that cared for the community and world. The fact that her warehouse is right in the heart of Eugene was so cool and knowing that this beautiful line of clothing came from right here was really fun!

“Sweet Skins has grown into a business that is both ecologically sound and ethically run, using the latest and greatest in ecologically sound fibers and conscious clothing manufacturing; fabrics like eco-fleece, hemp, organic cottons and wool for their low impact processing and superior texture and quality. Dyes are low impact and everything from fabric scraps to paper products are recycled or reused. As business continues to grow, Sweet Skins is committed to maintaining strong roots to the community, the health of the planet, and to pave the road for a new more conscious business model.” This was taken from their beautiful website. You can read more on the owner, the company and the products by visiting her site here:

So what are you waiting for? Go get your shopping on! Once you slip on your first piece of clothing from them, you will understand!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne Lifestyle photography

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