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Top 5 Reasons To Book A Boudoir Session | Eugene Boudoir Photographer |

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

There are a GAZILLION reasons I could share with you on why you should get a boudoir session; however, just in case you are on the fence about if this type of session is a good idea or not, I have listed below my top 5 reasons why you should book today!


I have seen this happen with every single boudoir session! All of my clients (even the experience ones) start out nervous when getting into the flow of a boudoir session, within a few shots, the caterpillar emerges and the beauty that you are starts to really shine. By the end of the session, all of my clients are in a high of their own self confidence that will be with them forever! It only grows after they get their album back! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can use a self confidence boost! Today in society we all see the junk that is thrown at us, telling us what we should look like, how we should dress, what we should say… I say this is bunch of BULL. With this type of photography, you will be empowered and you will see that who you are right now is absolutely perfect!


Maybe you just hit a magical number birthday and you want to celebrate the path that you have walked and the body that you are in! Or maybe you just landed that dream job and you are feeling extra sassy! Is it your anniversary soon? PERFECT! Or perhaps you just got out of a relationship that was bringing you down and you want to be reminded of your beauty and power (HELL YES). We are all going through life changes constantly and why not celebrate it! We all do so good and complimenting others when they level up in life, why not celebrate YOU?!


So you found the love of your life, and you want to do something really special for them… There really is not a better gift that the gift of yourself! All of my boudoir sessions come with an incredible gallery that you get to keep but also a beautiful, high quality flat-lay book that makes for an INCREDIBLE gift. It will keep your partner OOOOing and AHHHing for years and years. A boudoir session can also heat things up in the bedroom a bit as well due to learning how to pose super sexy and that confidence boost we talked about in #1.

4. ITS FUN!!!!

“Let’s go girls…” Yes, we alllll like to have fun, how can we deny this?! In my world, there is always a good reason to have fun, to celebrate, to do something crazy, to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to grow… etc. Getting a boudoir session is the best of all of this! You get to go shopping for new things, You get to have a reason to do your hair and makeup, you get to get pampered, you get to laugh and be silly and yes, YOU GET IMAGES OF YOU THAT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO DANCE! What is more fun than that? During any session with me you will be laughing, having fun, (maybe sipping on a glass of bubbly) and we always have the tunes turned up. It is actually a really relaxing time and I make this an experience that you will remember for ever as an incredible decision.

5. YOU F***&^&^%&^ DESERVE IT!

You work hard, you maybe take care of children, you cook, you clean, you help others, you are there for your loved ones, you do this and that and the world spins faster than we would like at times. Slowing down, take a deep breath and doing something for YOU is the number one thing you should be doing right now. You deserve to be celebrated, you deserve to build your confidence, you deserve to try something new and crazy, you deserve to be pampered, you deserve to do something for YOU!

No matter your age, your size, your gender, the color of the rainbow that you are, this session is right for you! So what are you waiting for? Email me, call me, find me on social media or set up an in person consultation to book your session! I will help make this experience fun, enjoyable and celebration. You deserve this, you know you do!

Are there any other reasons you can think of to get a boudoir session done? List them in the comments!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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