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What Brings Value To Your Business? | Eugene Commercial/Branding/Product Photographer |

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

When you stop and ask yourself what brings value to your business, a lot of times marketing is a hot subject. These days, everything is available at your fingertips and there is a LOT of completion out there and the companies that invest in advertisements, marketing, social media posts, flyers & printed goods tend to get in front of more people than just word of mouth. Now, ask yourself, what sets some business apart from others with those things being considered? You may have guessed what I am about to share with you, QUALITY OF IMAGES!

High quality images tend to POP against the everyday phone photos. Don’t get me wrong, the newer phones can take great images and I myself do that quite often for my day to day posts on my personal pages, sharing with family and even printing pictures for my walls at times! But when it comes to telling the public about your product that represents who you are and what they will be getting, quality and intention is so important and people will be more drawn towards the artistic, professional, creative and sharp images.

I always say, if you want people to invest in you, you must first invest in yourself. Professional images of your product, brand, company, people, whatever it is that you are pushing out in this world, will tell people a story, a story of why purchasing from you is a better investment for themselves.

If there are 10 pickle companies to choose from and one of them hires a professional photographer to take their images and images pop against the 9 other pickle companies, you best believe that most people will choose the company with clean, crisp images that tell a story of the product. It shows you care, it shows you believe in your product and it shows you are serious.

Wether you are selling clothes, needing new headshots, making food or products, providing a service, creating blogs, making crafts or whatever magical thing it is that you are doing, I help make your photography experience easy, fun, professional & full of creativity. The images in this blog are all from different companies I have worked with. I would be so honored to work with you and help you create incredible images that will last for the lifetime of your business to help bring that value that you so deserve.

You have done the foot work on starting your business, you have created the websites, the socials, the business plan the products, now it is time to invest in those beautiful images to make everything look sharp. I work with micro business to global companies, I offer unique pricing for each commercial/branding client to match where they are at. Contact me to set up a free consultation either over the phone or over a cup of coffee! I am here for you from start to finish.

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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