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What Is A Boudoir Photography Session? | Eugene Boudoir Photographer |

Updated: May 18, 2021

I am SO excited to talk more on Boudoir with you all! There is so much to understand about this style that goes so much deeper than the images that you see. A Boudoir photography session with me, is like all others, a full on experience a celebration of you and where you are at right now. Let me explain to you what it is and why everyone should give it a try!

#Boudoirphotography is a style of photography that is intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic. Usually this style of photography is taken place in an art studio, bedroom or some private environment. A lot of people have heard of Glamor or Nude photography (which I also do) and Boudoir is somewhere in between and is more suggestive and flirtatious rather than explicit in its approach to nudity and sexuality. This type of photography usually is full of lace, lingerie, lipstick and lashes; however, when you shoot with me, I bring in a whole different take on it.

To me, having self love and self worth is so important. There are so many things that you can do every day for yourself that will help gain your confidence. So far it has been a fact for me that getting super incredible images taken of you can be a HUGE boost of confidence. I am not talking about filters that you apply when you post a selfie taken by your phone that looks nothing like you either… #stopusingfilters I am talking about getting a professional photographer who knows how photograph bodies, has studied lighting, who knows shapes and angles and knows how to use soft editing to enhance, (not change how you look *cough cough ME*.) For me, I need to feel sexy in order to produce sexiness, and hunny, I will help bring out the sexy butterfly in all you shy caterpillars! #youareworthit

During a Boudoir session with me people always start out a little nervous.(who wouldn’t?) But I quickly make what would be a weird situation into a celebration of YOU that is full of laughter and positive loving energy! Booking one of these sessions is sometimes made out to be a gift for a special someone, but it always ends with a better understanding at how incredibly beautiful each and every one of you are. Size, shape, color, age, gender.. it does not matter! You are all so beautiful and I LOVE to help people see this and recognize this about themselves. Real quotes from my real clients: “WOW, is that me?”… “Oh my gosh I had no idea I was so hot!”… “I feel so beautiful”….. When I started hearing these things from my clients I knew I had found a career… to make people feel delicious! It broke my heart to hear how so many of us say so many aweful things about ourselves. #stoptheselfhate NO FEAR, I AM HERE! If you are ready to #investinyourself message me or find me on the social media platforms! I would be beyond grateful to work with you and create magic together!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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