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What To Wear For A Boudoir Session | Eugene Boudoir Photographer |

Trying to decide what to wear for your photography session can be daunting and stressful and really challenging for most, I want to make this as easy and as fun for you as possible! I do offer a consultation for all my clients where I can let them know what I believe will be best for them: colors, styles, etc. but I wanted to write a blog for you all so you could study it a bit deeper.

Each body is unique and full of magic! I highly suggest going to your local lingerie spot where you can try things on and ask for professional suggestions. Plus you get to feel, and see what the items are like. There are many great spots here in Eugene and Portland that I know of, feel free to ask me for directions!

For some of you this is not an option, so I will list out a few options that look great on EVERYONE! Some things you may have thought of, some may come as a surprise!


Of course lace, straps, heels are a classic look for boudoir and it just works so well on everyone! One thing I try to let my clients know is that g-stings (do a search for this if you are like me and did not know what they were called) do not photograph that well on anyone in my opinion. I like more of the no show thongs or cheeky undies. They are softer, easier on the eye and they do not cut off any beautiful curves of yours.

Bras.. oh so many options! This is usually a personal choice item but I do love a good push up bra and I also love simple bralettes.

Body suits and teddies are AMAZING and again, look good on all body types. They bring out curves, angles and are just so flattering on the body.

Another great option for all body types is a three piece garter set as well as corsets! They are fun, full of texture and they are great for curves and non curves alike!


I want to say that Boudoir does not have to be all lace and straps and heels, it can be so much more! You know that super cute denim or leather jacket you have in your closet? BRING IT! How about that cute sweater that makes you feel like getting cozy next to a fire? BRING IT! Cosplay/costumes? BRING IT! Crop tops, jeans, daisy duke shorts, fun hats… you know what I am going to say… BRING IT! I love when my clients bring them selves and are able to have fun with their outfits. Remember that you are making your clothes look sexy, not the other way around.


- Heels are so stunning in images. I literally can not walk in them so if you do not own a pair, do not sweat it, but if you can find a pair of stilettos or pointed toed boots, I suggest putting those in your bag of goods for you session.

  • A silk or lace robe can be really fun to play with and wrap up in! I use some really fun poses using sheer robes and love them!

  • Bringing a pair of earrings that dangle or hoop are really fun, as well as longer necklaces. They can be a great accent and the give something for your hands to play with.


Let’s talk phalanges. Your hands are a major highlight in your images, even though they are not a clothing item, I do need to mention them here. I am constantly having you touch your hair, face and body so making sure you nails are nice and clean is huge. Treat yourself, go get them done! I do suggest staying away from bright colors that will be distracting unless that is your goal. I like nude, or light colors or even black if you want to be a bit more bold. If getting your nails done just is not your thing, do make sure they are trimmed, clean and fresh looking. This goes for your toes as well!


One last thing I will mention is to make sure you try everything on before your session to make sure you enjoy the items. Do be kind to yourself when you are trying things on, how you view yourself will be different than how I capture you. You are perfect just the way you are! Love those curves, those body dimples, those lines, those freckles, you are a living piece of art and you are a QUEEN! Remember this!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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