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The Why Behind Product Photography | Eugene Commercial & Branding Photographer

For me, my professional photography path all started with product photography work at Mountain Rose Herbs and it STILL has my heart. There is a reason why I have won awards for my commercial work and have been locally recognized as one of the best. I just love the details of each image, creating a story behind the product with ingredients and materials that are true to its design. I have worked with all sorts of companies for product photography: herbal companies, restaurants, distilleries, clothing lines, artists, ceramics, jewelry and more!

Investing in high quality, well thought out and designed photos of your craft/hobby/product is SO important. I always say if you want people to invest in you and your products, you need to invest in yourself. Put yourself in the shoes of a buying customer, let’s say of wine. Now picture yourself going on to Instagram/FB or maybe even just a google search for local wines. Are you going to feel more tempted to purchase from someone with a quick phone image of the product or someone who has clearly invested in a professional to take a high quality beautiful, crisp image? I think you can guess which one I would go for.

Booking a session with me is always easy, clear and professional. I start off by chatting with you over the phone to see what your vision and desires are. Then I type up a unique quote for you, usually giving you at least three packages to choose from. From there we talk about all the details about you and your product and business. I offer to meet in person so you can get to know me if you want as well!

When I show up for the session, I come fully prepared and organized to make the processes fun, easy and professional. I go into every session as it is the most important session of my career, because IT IS!

How do you value you and your business? Are you ready to make an investment that will bring that WOW factor to your website/socials/etc? I am ready to help you! Send me a message and we can get this processes started, I can not WAIT to work with you!

The images in this blog are from my shoot with Wildcraft Cider Works here in Eugene, Oregon. Be sure to check them out by clicking on this link here:

View my commercial/branding portfolio here:

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne


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