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What Is A Branding Shoot & Why Do You Need One? | Eugene Branding Photographer

Branding photography is all about YOU and the why behind your business. The images in a good branding shoot should show your vibrant personality and your unique style and what makes you, you! Branding images are a way to show your clients, or soon to be clients that you are trustworthy and that your product or offering is worth investing in.

There is so much competition out there and one great way to stand out is by showing up 110%. One way to do that is by having a professional capture you and what you are offering in an authentic true way. Letting people fall in love with you and what you do is a great way to start a relationship with a company/brand. My goal is to have your branding images stand out among the crowd and bring attention to what you do.

Branding shoots give you back images not just of your offerings, but of you! You can use them for websites, promotional material, social media, posters, cards, the list goes on and and on. It also helps people see your space, understand who they are working with and get a feel of what is to be expected.

Another great reason to book a branding shoot? MONEY BABY! High quality and good photography does more than make you look good, it brings profit back into your wallet! All of my clients have told me how valuable the investment was for their images by the amount of sales and following they got after they started sharing the images and upgrading their websites. You want people to invest in you? You gotta invest in yourself first!

If you needed another reason to just book the session already I will share some big news with you…. YOU DESERVE THIS! You work so dang hard on marketing, booking, creating, sharing, practicing, growing, researching, outreaching, designing….. you deserve to sit back, and let a professional take care of capturing it all! I offer many different packages to my clients so that I can be sure to fit their needs and abilities. We are all on different chapters of our business, so sit back, let me take care of you. Helping people and making things look good is what I LIVE for!

To get to know me a bit more, to book, to ask questions or just to say hi, click this link and let’s connect!

To view my commercial/branding portfolio, click this link:

The images in the blog are from a shoot of one of the most incredible humans I have met. Her business is all about supporting your path in ways that are unique to you, in ways that are obtainable and accessible wether you are near or far. She is bright, fun, smart, BEAUTIFUL, has SOOOO much to offer and just an all around incredible human, (can’t you tell by the images?). Visit her site and learn more about her by clicking the link below.

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne


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