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What To Expect During A Boudoir Session With Me | Eugene Boudoir Photographer |

Maybe you made the investment to gain some self love in your life from a Boudoir session with me or maybe you are just really interested in what goes on at a boudoir session! I will start off by saying one thing, IT IS SUCH A FUN EXPERIENCE!!!

After a few phone calls with me about your session and what to wear (blog coming on that soon) and after we decided where we are going to shoot at and it is the BIG DAY of celebrating YOU, what happens after that?

First off, I always greet you with something to drink while you get your hair and makeup done (if you chose this options which I always suggest you do because… well… YOU ARE WORTH IT!) While you are getting all done up, I put on music of your choice and get you anything you want! I usually hang around after that and get my camera in the correct settings and set up lights if needed. (I usually just use natural light though). I also will, at this point, lay out all your outfits and start making a game plan for you and I with the flow of things. Makeup and hair usually takes about 1-1.5 hours of time depending on the style you are going for.

By the time you are all beaut-i-fied usually you are relaxed, feeling spicy and ready to rock your session! Even the most shy of humans shed their layers of insecurities and nerves by this point! But let’s just say that you are a rare one and it takes a bit longer to feel comfortable, after all, this is a very vulnerable session and nerves can get to the best of us! I have yet to meet a single client that had nerves or was uncomfortable after the first five minuets of shooting. I KID YOU NOT! I usually start with easy poses at first and show you a picture of how beautiful you are and the smiles and glow really kicks in at this point!

A lot of people have insecurities, I am always a listening ear for these but at a session with me, we do not talk about what makes us feel bad. I know bodies, lighting, angles and I promise you, you will get images that will blow your mind! Trust in me to take care of everything. All you got to do is show up!

Something that always makes me giggle is I get my client in position and I start posing them and they usually say, “What do I do with my hands?” “I do not know how to look sexy.” “Where should I look?” During you session with me I am guiding EVERYTHING! I mean everything! I pose you deeply with every pose, from your hands, to your eyes, to your toes to your hair…. Also… I will NEVER say… “Just be sexy…” EWWW! I am here for you the whole time and I will provoke a side of you that you may or may not have even known about! We are also usually laughing the whole time! I am super silly and I help anyone feel comfortable and have a good time! This is a celebration after all!

I always allow my clients to take breaks when they need as well as eat snacks or drink something in between outfits/sets. A lot of my posing is pretty hard on the back which is why I ALWAYS suggest doing stretches before you session and during. With this being said, I am always checking in with my clients to make sure they are not pushing too hard or out doing themselves. I also always tell them to let me know if I ever make them feel uncomfortable with anything! We all have different triggers and the last thing that will happen during a session with me is for you to feel uncomfortable. I got you!

Depending on what package you purchased (click here to view what I offer) your session will last anywhere from 30 minuets to 2 hours. After your session it is normal to feel a bit tired but it is also normal to feel uplifted, powerful, gorgeous and ALIVE! One this also is for sure, we cater to your style, your desires and your dreams the WHOLE TIME!!!!

You usually get your images back within two weeks after a session with me!

If you are reading this and you have not yet invested in yourself…. What the heck are you waiting for? The party is waiting for you! YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE WORTH IT! (Click here to book!)

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