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Investing In Lifestyle Photography | Eugene Oregon Family Photographer |

Updated: May 19, 2021

HELLO BEAUTIFUL! Starting my first blog, on the first business that I have (successfully) started should be answering to you the WHY behind my reasonings for getting into photography. Let’s start off by sharing with you that I LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE FEEL GOOOOOD! I once read that you should always surround yourself with people that feel like sunshine and that is exactly what I like to bring to people! I will also share with you that I am a full blown creative! I love writing music, taking pictures, editing pictures, dancing, painting, designing, cooking, crafting, gardening and so many more ings… basically, if I am not sitting with multiple creative projects I feel sorta lost and confused and kinda just grey inside. (No offense to Grey… you are a wonderful color!)

One other HUGE thing I always tell people to do is to do things that make you feel ALIVE! Obviously you can get by now that art is a big thing that makes me feel alive, as well as helping people see the beauty that they are but also, NATURE is my cure all for everything. I turn to our Mother Earth everyday for healing, grounding, inspiration, to clear my head and to ENGAGE. Being raised in the PNW, and being an explorer, I know of a gazzilion locations that create way better back drops than those photo booths with fake props that we all grew up with.

SO combine my love for making people feel good and my desire (and need) to create art, and my love for nature I found my love for photographing people IN NATURE (mostly, I also do nature light inside too!)! BOOM! BEST COMBO EVER! I introduce real laughter, movement, dance, nature, creative angles and ENERGY into your photo sessions! Let’s be real.. getting your picture taken can be uh… awkward at times… Guess what? I LIVE FOR AWKWARD! I turn awkward into a fun time and help create a moment to remember when you view your incredible images in your professional gallery that I return to you!

Photography is SUCH an important investment to make. I like to think of each photo as a little time portal for your mind. This portal is not just for you, it is for your kids, your kids kids, your grandma, your parents, your partner, and all the generations that follow after. THEY ARE TIMELESS! Did you know that after doing a poll one of the top three things someone would grab from their home if something happened and they needed to get out and all animals and people were safe? You guessed it… FAMILY PICTURES!

If you are ready to have a photography experience wether you are treating yourself to a Boudoir Session (I will blog on this style soon) or getting that annual photoshoot with your family to see the change and growth in you all, or a commercial shoot for your products/business/craft, I am here for you! Together we will make magic and I will show you though gentle guidance in posing, laughter, and movement how a photoshoot can be turned into a portal creating session!

Shine on,

Faliesha Dawne

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